Ong Rui Ming

Ong Rui Ming


Rui Ming chanced upon poker while looking for an additional income during his university days. Having a keen eye for numbers and strategies, Rui Ming quickly developed an interest and picked up the skills of the game.

While learning the game, Rui Ming understood the importance of discipline, cash flow management, and being systemic. Through sheer grit and hard work, he accelerated his learning curve and made up to 6 digits per year as a professional poker player.

Inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, Rui Ming wanted to be a business owner and investor. After graduating from university with a degree in Economics & Finance, Rui Ming applied the skillsets he had learnt from poker into the world of entrepreneurship and investments. He credit much of his success to the mentality and tenancity he had developed in the strategic game of poker.

His investment fund has constantly outperformed market returns to deliver 20%+ ROI through the years, even through volatile market conditions. Today, Rui Ming is the co-founder of several successful businesses. He is now managing 7-Digit portfolios & Companies, and conducting financial education on Investing and Stocks Options.