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With various events, workshops and seminars across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China, there will always be a place for you with the family.

The start is what stops most people.

– Don Shula


Benny Ong

Founder & Startup Strategist

Benny Ong is an entreprenuer, photographer, keynote speaker, business trainer, and startup strategist specializing in monetization and asset utilization. To date, he has launched over 15 successful profitable businesses, helped kickstart and strategized a public company, assisted 259 startups, and trained thousands of entrepreneurs.

Cherlin & Rachel

Awesome Duo

With years of management experience in different industries, Cherlin and Rachel takes charge of the account management and marketing at Startup Academy.

Rui Ming

Co-founder & Director

Rui Ming’s investment fund has constantly outperformed market returns to deliver 20%+ ROI through the years, even through volatile market conditions. Today, Rui Ming is the co-founder of several successful businesses. He is now managing 7-Digit portfolios & Companies, and conducting financial education on Investing and Stocks Options.

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A warm thank you to our past guest speakers who took their time off to inspire our entrepreneur family

Aspa Lekka

Managing Director, Food Panda

Aspa Lekka is the Managing Director for foodpanda in Singapore. Prior to that she was Managing Director of foodpanda in Malaysia and before she worked closely with the top management team leading analytics. Over the last 6 years, Aspa has worked extensively in the field of analytics for marketing and operations and is the founder and Director of “Chez Alexandre” boutique hotel in Greece. Aspa holds a degree in Mathematics from University of Ioannina in Greece.

Rachel Lim

Founder, Love Bonito

Rachel believes in women and is passionate about helping women be more confident and be the best versions of themselves. As co-founder and Creative Director of Love, Bonito, she strives to reach out to women and inspire them to discover themselves through fashion. Rachel has been featured in media publications, TV programmes, invited to speak at schools and university to share about her entrepreneurial journey.

Described as “Best Online Store of the year” (Nuyou. 2015) and “a label loved by Singaporeans” (Yahoo News Singapore, 2015), Love, Bonito exists, to not just dress women. Love, Bonito is here, to inspire the women of today to be the change for tomorrow. It’s about empowering women and the community.

Dawn Lim

Founder, Cafe Karang Guni

DAWN Lim may run what she calls a karang guni business, but don’t expect to see the 27-year-old former air stewardess patrolling neighbourhoods in a pick-up truck and tooting her horn. Rather, this young entrepreneur has started Cafe Karang Guni, specialising in buying over second-hand equipment from food and beverage (F&B) outlets, and selling them to new or existing entrants in the industry. Life as a karang guni woman can be just as unglamorous as it sounds. A typical day in Ms Lim’s life is often spent running around visiting outlets, hopping into lorries to pick up and deliver equipment, getting her hands dirty by visiting abandoned kitchens.


Vernette Seetho

I received so many takeaways that it is hard to begin. My network increased drastically and within the first year, my business generated a 6-figure revenue. My business increased by another 30% in the second year. Using the skills I have learnt from Startup Academy, I took over an existing nail salon at ZERO COST. I was also given the opportunity to be invited by 88.3FM for a radio interview on my entrepreneurial journey!

Calvin Looi

Startup Academy showed me how businesses are really done in the real world! It isn’t a motivational workshop on how to build castles in the clouds, neither is it a GET RICH QUICK workshop.

After the workshop, I managed to validate my new idea with $2,500 revenue for the first month and subsequently $3,000 in the next month. I also managed to obtain the authorized distributorship for a famous kickstart project, ‘Lockstone’.

Thomas Cher

As a first time entrepreneur after I graduated, I generated 5 digit revenue in my first 8 months. Being in such a supportive environment also helped build a stronger mindset and mentality. Benny has also helped to build different revenue streams for my current business, and our very first validation earned us $8,000 in a short one month.

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